UAE Cyber Security Boot Camp

This two-day boot camp is intended for students and professionals who wish to expand their knowledge in computer and network security. You will learn about the latest cyber security threats and attacks against you whether at home or the office. You will find out who are the attackers and identify your weaknesses. You will learn about the latest methods to protect yourself from being hacked. You will learn what to do if you think you are ever hacked.

The boot camp will include lectures, live demonstrations, real‐world examples and interactive hands-on exercises.

Camp Content

  1. What is Information Security?
  2. Hacker Types, Goals, Motivations, and Targets
  3. Challenges of securing information
  4. Cyber Security threats to your home and organization
  5. Social Engineering & Identity Theft Attacks
  6. Password Security & Encryption
  7. Physical Security & Key loggers
  8. Network Security & Viruses, Worms and Trojans
  9. Wireless, IoT & Mobile Security
  10. Web Security & Phishing Attacks
  11. Email Security & Spam Attacks
  12. Denial of Service Attacks
  13. What to do (and not do) during an incident
  14. How to detect if hacked?
  15. How to use the internet safely?

Date, Time and Location

Sunday August 5 to Monday August 6, 2018
9am to 5pm
AUS Library LIB-011

Who Should Attend

The camp is open to all students and professionals (Engineering and Non-Engineering) that are interested in expanding their awareness in computer and network security. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops (running Microsoft Windows) for the practical sessions.

All participants that complete the camp will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the American University of Sharjah (AUS).

Camp Fee
Early Registration (Payment must be completed by August 1, 2018):
-- 1000 AED (with Student ID or Alumni ID)
-- 1750 AED (others)

Late Registration
-- 1250 AED (with Student ID or Alumni ID).
-- 2000 AED (others)

Cancellations received after August 1, 2018 will not be refunded. Please email the camp instructor for any cancellation requests.

Camp Instructor
Dr. Fadi Aloul 
Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, AUS
Computer Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

More Information
For more information, please contact Dr. Fadi Aloul at

Participant's Feedback

"The Cyber Security Boot Camp was very helpful and I think anyone who uses the internet constantly should be aware of the risks if using it, and that's exactly what this course will teach you."
-- Saud Al Qasimi, Computer Science, AUS, 2014

"The camp was very up-to-date,  simple to understand,  rich and valuable addition to my CV. I loved interactions of attendees who are in industry of Security, and Dr. Aloul's lectures are unmissable!"
-- Raghad AL-Tamimi, Saudi Aramco, 2014

"A well-presented bootcamp in a very interesting and engaging medium, highly recommended. All computing users should attend such workshops as it provides security cyber threats and prevention techniques awareness which is crucial to protect our assets."
-- May Manna, Consultant – Beta IT, 2014.

"The camp boosted my interest in information security. As a Saudi Aramco sponsored student, I decided to persue my education in this field and protect the company from future threats."
-- Lana Tayyib, AUS Management Information System (MIS), 2014

"The Cyber Security Boot Camp is a must-attend workshop for everyone in current days as it discusses and points out simple details which one considers negligible, but are prime targets for hackers. It is an eye opening exercise that people need to get a taste of so that they learn to keep themselves safe and secure."
-- Carl Khattar, AUS Mechanical Engineering, 2014

"Information Security is facing an intensive demand by almost all Governments and Enterprises; AUS Cyber Security Boot Camp is unique in its approach in delivering a comprehensive information as well as tools and practices that every professional and non-professional should be equipped with"
-- Ali AlAli, Thuraya Telecom, 2014

“These workshops are very important. Even if they only last for two or three days, you will learn a lot and helps you stay up to date with new technologies"
-- Captain Nasser Al Dhaheri, Abu Dhabi Police, 2014

"The camp was excellently presented. I found it extremely interesting, informative and relevant and would definitely recommend it to individual employees who wish to stay on top of Information Security trends to benefit their organisations and their own career as well."
-- Shaima Mohammed, Dubai Maritime City Authority, 2014

"A truly helpful camp, if you use the internet then this is definitely a camp you should consider attending. The cyber security boot camp gave me the knowledge and tools needed for me to be safe online and offline"
-- Arwa Alnasser, Architecture, AUS, 2014

"The Boot Camp opened our eyes to the unnoticeable harmful Cyber acts. Digestible and light information, yet very very rich and useful in content. Highly recommended."
-- Shahrazad Mohammed, Commercial Bank of Dubai, 2014

"Extremely useful, well-presented and all areas explained in details. A pleasure to attend this camp"
-- Mustafa Obeid, Electrical Lighting Co., 2014

"I found the Boot Camp a useful experience despite the fact that I am a non-computer science student. The materials presented brought my attention to how to secure my personal devices, such as my laptop, ipad and mobile phone. The presenter was successfully able to conceptualize the information which made me learn more about hacking, phishing ...etc and to practicalize the given information as the Boot Camp had many interesting and useful exercises to implement what we learned. I found the Boot Camp helpful for me as an International Relations student, especially that the presenter did not only reduce his materials to the technical side but also highlighted multilevel issues impacting individuals, NGOs, and governmental organizations."
-- Najla Alzarouni, International Studies, AUS, 2014

"I found the Camp very informative, practical, helpful, fun and interesting! It enlightened me about the potential cyber threats and means of protection. I will apply this learning in every day practice and would definitely recommend it to other people."
-- Mohammed Saleh, Honeywell Middle East, 2014

"The camp provides the essential information that each and everyone who accesses the internet Should know about, I earned a lot of Knowledge about basic security."
-- Omamah Al-Hashmi, University of Sharjah, 2014

“An eye opener! The Camp combined between covering a broad range of informative news about the cyber world, along with a simplified yet comprehensive explanation of some key technical aspects of the day to day threats we face just by being online. It’s highly engaging even for those who don’t have a relevant background and I recommend it to fellow media professionals since all you need to be is 'a technology user' and it will answer many of your questions and put you on the right track to protect yourself against cyber-attacks.”
--Sara Sakr, Starcom MediaVest Group, 2014

"This camp was very helpful and useful as it opened my eyes to the dangers of the internet and how important it is to surf the web safely however, it also showed me how I can secure my network and how to protect myself from the threat of hackers."
-- Ayyah Salamah, Business - Finance, AUS, 2014

"The bootcamp gave me great insight into what computer security really means."
-- Aisha Al Mansoori, Electrical Engineering, AUS, 2014

"Excellent training environment, topics, trainer, venue, and flexibility of raising questions at any time. It has helped me to enrich the cyber security details & related knowledge. I learned quite new interesting topics which will help me in increasing the level of security awareness in my organization. In one word: Amazing."
-- Maryam Bukhashem, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, 2013

"Cyber Security Boot Camp was definitely a very informative training. It helped me to understand and to be aware of the various security threats when at home or at work, and hence, take an action against it."
-- Muaz Mohamed, Dubal, 2013

“It represents a great opportunity for me working closely with an expert in security field as well as working with a group of talented young amateurs to develop our skills and show us how exciting and varied the cyber security profession can be.”
-- Amira Al-Hassani, Sharjah Airport International Free (SAIF) Zone, 2013

"AUS Cyber Security Boot Camp sharpened my vision for understanding the security threats, and the attacks process  against our personal Data and our work Data Network. This course was useful because, on the one hand, it makes us aware about the risks, hackers and information leaks that we can face on our daily life, and also that after we have come to know the threats, there is still a lot that can be done to protect and secure our Data."
-- Alla Afana, Telecommunications Architect, AUS, 2013

"Honest information effectively delivered to raise awareness among those ignorant about the bizarre means of cyber crime at present. The boot camp left me finding interest in a field of study that is not even my own."
-- Kevin Dias, Mechanical Engineering, AUS, 2013

"Attending the 1st AUS Cyber Security Boot Camp, I was able to get a taste of very insightful security awareness that general users as myself lack. It was a great experience that opened my eyes to how ignorant the majority of us are towards the dangers that this uncontrollable growth of technology hides beneath its glamorous looks."
-- Catrine El-Sayegh, Mechanical Engineering, AUS, 2013

"Cyber crimes are increasing lately and many people are being victims of them.  So to know what they are, how they work  and how to protect against them, the Security Boot Camp is the place for that"
-- Salim Al-Suwaidi, Computer Engineering, AUS, 2013

"Overcome your worries! Protect your privacy! Join the Cyber Security Boot Camp"
-- Omar Al Muhairi, Computer Engineering, AUS, 2013

"The Cyber Security Boot Camp is truly a mind opener. It reveals threats that affect almost any technology user!"
-- Majed Al Suwaidi, MIS, AUS, 2013

Registration (1000 AED) - with Student ID or Alumni ID ($271.00)
Registration (1750 AED) - Others ($476.00)
Registration (1750 AED) - Others ($476.00)

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August 05, 2018 - August 06, 2018 (GMT +04:00 Abu Dhabi)

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